1. Genuine

From the recording Whiskey Woman

Written by Sara Moilanen.
Harmonica: James McMahon.
Mandolin: Albert Brundage.
Chrissy Dzioba, vocals & acoustic guitar.
Kimmy Unger, vocals & fiddle.
Sara Moilanen, vocals & bass.


Oh, you’ve been a busy bee
Throwin’ round the third degree
Hearsay and idle talk, causing injury
That I got your new romeo, in a double deal
And it’s his heart that I intend to steal

Chorus: Well, my life is Genuine, and I got a man
He gives me everything, I got his wedding band
and your new fella, well he's my oldest friend
and Good friends are hard to come by, I plan on keepin’ mine
My life is genuine

I wish I could tell you
That he’s been on the level
Well, he can be one charming little devil
But he aint gonna suffer
through all of your prattle
You sting his pride, you’ve got yourself a battle

He seems quite sweet on you
On him you could rely
If you could just be above board all the time
And he and I will still be friends
Long after you are gone
The way you treat him now. It won’t take long.