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Mama Never Liked Christmas (Sara Moilanen)
Mike Budde, Drums
Sara Moilanen, Bass & Vocals
Chrissy Dzioba, Guitar, Ukulele & Vocals
Kimmy Unger, Fiddle & Vocals
Leroy Deuster, Pedal Steel


Mama Never Liked Christmas

Everybody knows it’s not about the gettin’, it’s the givin’
And the greatest story of all and the sins that were forgiven
But Jesus just can’t make Santa go away
And he don’t buy toys for good little girls and boys

Now I understand why mama never liked Christmas
what’s not to love with peace, goodwill and trust
But when you work hard all year just to get a little bit ahead
Christmas can derail it all in just one weekend

The children have hope in their eyes all the month of December
Drooling over t.v. commercials hoping Santa will remember
You can tell them about hardship and the children, starving in Africa
Come Chirstmas morn’, they don’t care who was born
They want toys ‘neath them strings of popcorn


Mama would always wrap every piece from every toy separate
To hide the fact that she felt that the quantity was inadequate
I didn’t care that my Barbie was a knock off with a Corvair
And I wouldn’t ‘ve been the wiser if her eyes weren’t so full of despair


Now I didn’t find out the truth till I was much older
That her faith in Christmas had been literally beat right out of her
She spared us from that and to her I will always be grateful
That she cared so much and filled us with love,
Even though her past had been hateful