From the recording Whiskey Woman

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Written by Sara Moilanen.
Drums/percussion: Brian Bruendl.
Banjo: Dan Johnston.
Chrissy Dzioba, vocals & acoustic guitar.
Kimmy Unger, vocals & fiddle.
Sara Moilanen, vocals & bass.


I’ve been workin so hard, and we’ve grown apart
and I don’t know, who you really are
Frustrations will arise, with the morning light
Each day, As I nag and we fight
I don’t need your kisses, I don’t need your near misses
I need a man with both feet on the ground
Cause poems and grand gestures
That once seemed clever
Won't keep our family, safe and sound

Now everyday you dawdle, over the bathroom remodel
as we bathe, in the basement sink
And fixin the screen door, you never have time for
As the dogs, they go runnin in the street
Now I limp along, trying to keep this family strong
keep us goin, in all I can do
And the kids need new shoes, and I’m not amused
that you’re laid off, from your latest job
No you won’t keep our and sound