1. Whiskey Woman

From the recording Whiskey Woman

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Written by Drew Bunting.
Drums: Victor DeLorenzo.
Mandolin: Bruce Dean.
Banjo: Drew Bunting.
Chrissy Dzioba, vocals & acoustic guitar.
Kimmy Unger, vocals & fiddle.
Sara Moilanen, vocals & bass.


Whiskey Woman

Mister I can see you looking at me
And man I know exactly what you think
You see a sweet and pretty future darling
but Mister you should see me when I drink

A beer is nice enough for watching football
A cabernet if that's the best you got
But if you want the finest that I can offer
Get the whiskey out and pour me up a shot

Cause when the whiskey gets flowing
you'll see another side of this good girl
I'll take you out, we'll have a ball
I'll take your woman in a barroom brawl
And drink the bottom out of this old world

I used to be different kind of woman
The kind of girl to make your mama proud
But then I found a message in a bottle
And it left me wild and pissed and fun and loud

Once you get a whiskey woman started
assume you'll be awake to see the dawn
There's not a thing that you can do to tame her
Just grab the "oh shit!" handles and hang on

Give me a shot of Jim Beam and a pull of Old Crow and a lick of George Dickel
and a drop of that Old Grand Dad
And then a dram of Jameson's, cup of Crown Royal
and a bit of Glenlivet and I might get a little bit bad

I hope you saved a bottle for the bedroom
Now don't you start up acting all reserved
'Cause this ain't over till I say it's over
And I won't stop until I get what I deserve

I'll ride you up one side and done the other
so Mister just consider this a warning
I'll give you all that you can drink this evening
and a whiskey chaser come tomorrow morning